Team Aplu

With utmost dedication and unity, our Team curated Aplu to contribute to the betterment of the Schooling Industry. The prime focus of every employee has always been to work with determination and enthusiasm and create something which is in the best interest of society.


Pankaj Bhatt


Pankaj Bhatt envisaged an educative world at a very young age. Proudly, being an Army Brat and a young entrepreneur, he always believed in self-sufficiency. His honesty and dedication sustained his tortuous life in the small town of Dehradun. He started earning stably during his college years through Content Writing and simultaneously completed his MBA with outstanding grades. With sheer diligence, he co-founded Applaud Web Media in 2018. In 2020, his constant drive to assist in the creation of a tenable world irrespective of the destructive pandemic laid the foundation stone of Aplu. His entrepreneurship flair and spirit loaded with simplicity and honesty stimulates the values of his projects.


Atul Kumar Singh


Belonging to the soil of Uttar Pradesh and being the son of a zealous farmer, Atul Kumar Singh has hard work deeply rooted in his conscience. Tirelessly striving towards his innate ambition to positively grow, he took all the risks required to succeed. While he freelanced in the world of SEO and Content Creation and paid back the education loan during his engineering itself, he also developed an industrious temperament. He venturously co-founded Applaud Web Media with Pankaj Bhatt to passionately become an entrepreneur. He puts life lessons and experience ahead of academic skills. He is unquestionably assiduous in his approach which inspires Aplu to be exhilarating and enduring.


Our Expert IT Consultants

Sunil Singh Rawat

Senior Web Developer

Himanshu Verma

Senior Web Developer

Suraj Uniyal

UI and Graphic Design

Anshika Saxena

Business Development

Shivangani Arya

Quality Engineer

Nutan Banduni Bhatt


Pradeep Negi

Content Editor

Neha Arya

Content Executive

Rohit Dobriyal

Research Team

Anjali Tamta

Research Team

Shalini Ghildiyal

Research Team

Rishika Dwivedi

Research Team

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