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Smart Education not only fuels minds but also ignites fire of a bright future

Educational Institutions create a safe ecosystem with an envisage to change the world around them. There are multiple hurdles that fall in the way. However, it should never be complicated and always get easier with time. Aplu stands for this. We aim to modernize the future of education by simplifying and digitizing all that convolutes the process.

The prime objective is to introduce ed-tech systems so as to smoothen the trail of knowledge promulgators. Aplu is a common go-to platform for everyone who is associated with school education. With the advancement of every existential sector through the internet, the necessity of inclusion of technology in literacy channels has also hiked.

It is crucial to utilize contemporary means for the betterment of knowledge which will change the dynamism of Institutions, Teachers, Students, and their Parents.

Our Beliefs

We Strongly Beleive In


Reliability and Trust

Reliance and Trust are two major policies that the entire team at Aplu highly values.


Collective Growth

We believe in growing with all those who are connected to us.


People Centrism

At every step of the process, our prime focus is serving our customers with the best.


Futuristic Approach

Our System will always make you proactive and keep you up with the latest trends.


Our Story

The sudden occurrence of the pandemic exposed the absence of flexibility in the Indian Education System. The unanticipated arrival of the infestation led to compulsive contemplation of online alternatives of offline studies. There were many complexities in the preexisting options. Many Institutions, Teachers, Students as well as Parents, and largely Education suffered due to the same. Observation of all this urged our Founder to think about appropriate solutions to this problem.

The future is highly unpredictable. With the advancement of technology and the presence of constantly innovating minds, we can surely prepare for anything and everything. Aplu was found perceiving the scope of improvement in the Indian Education System considering the pandemic and similar possible situations ahead. We solve the educational complexities for all, be it the Institutional Heads, Teachers, Students or Parents. Aplu is an all in one platform to cater to all and make lives simply easier.


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